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I.                    HISTORY

The Community was founded in February 1968 by a group of Italian students from Lycée Virgilio in Rome under the initiative of Andréa Ricardi. From 1973, the group gathered and prayed in the Sant'Egidio church in the Trastevere district. This church, dedicated to Gilles l'Ermite, Saint Hermit of the 7th century, then gives its name to the organization. It is now its world headquarters. The Community is first and foremost dedicated to helping the poorest, in particular through the distribution of meals and literacy training. It also opens up to the accommodation of the homeless.

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Elisha Rushigira


DISABILITY COMMUNITY ACCESS (DICA) in acronym OUR DEVICE: "Let us free our potentials, be creative and be a solution for others" Dzaleka Refugee Camp Malawi: Chairman: Tel. [+265] 993 849 524 (Honorer Buhendwa) Vice chairman: Tel. [+265] 992 248 442 (Rushigira Elisha Sumuni) ? Please do not hesitate to write to us at this address below: Email: Facebook Page: DISABILITY COMMUNITY ACCESS. Twitter: DISABILITY COMMUNITY ACCESS DIRECTED and WRITING BY: RUSHIGIRA ELISHA SUMUNI (Friend of the Community of Sant’Egidio dzaleka Refugee Camp Malawi

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